A Conch-us Decision (Storm King's Thunder #13)

RECAP: A Conch-us Decision (Storm King’s Thunder #13)

After leaving the shrine of The Eye of the All-Father, we quickly headed back to Mirabar. Harshnag left us then, saying that he had to go speak with some of his giant kin to try to stop the escalation of hostilities with either the dragons or the small-folk. He wished us luck, and then strode away into the icy north, taking very big steps. We then portalled ourselves back to Everlund to report to our wizard pal on everything we discovered, including the fact that there’s a looming giant/dragon war on the way. And then, because apparently we can’t get enough of teleportation, we fiddled with the conch shell etched with the giant rune until we activated it, and then hopped through to….

….somewhere wet? We seem to be underwater, in maybe a cave or cavern. It’s bit drippy an pretty quiet. We investigate the various rooms, and eventually hear some music coming from somewhere above. We head up the stairs and basically walk right into a giant nightclub? There are tables and giants sitting at them, listening to a performance by two lady giants. And behind them is a very large crystal window showing the ocean beyond. Wild!

Unfortunately, our appearance stops the performance, in that comically Western, piano-player-stops-plinking-and-everyone-stares sort of way. Redfang announces that we’re emissaries the eleven kingdoms and that we’re here to talk to Serissa. The lady giant who was singing sort of laughs and then says, yeah sure, but you have to go wait in the waiting room for awhile. We’re escorted to a waiting room. We wait (it’s aptly named.) The door opens again, but it’s not Serissa who enters. It’s a bunch of mean giant guards with orders to kill us.

Oops. The one time we DON’T sneak. Damn.

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