New In Town (Storm King's Thunder #1)

[Due to Life Things and scheduling difficulties, our D&D group is putting the homebrew Alcanse campaign on hold and starting up the official Storm King’s Thunder adventure for a while. Our characters are the smae, except that Nick whipped up a bladesinger for a change of pace.]

Our group received a tip from Ryland that we might find more information about the last jewel in the town of Triboar across the Sea of Swords. Leaving Quigley &

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The Butler Did It (Lost Jewels of Alcanse #12)

We are in the house of the murdered Elston Harslo. The town watch is there, along with the CID cleric who’s investigating. We search the house more thoroughly. Svela broke open a hidden safe in Harslo’s office and found a nice looking diamond, which she pocketed, just in case it might be useful later. And Quigley discovered a hidden passage in the library, which leads to the kitchen….JUST LIKE THE CLUE BOARD.

We investigated the passageway and

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A Perfect Evening…for MURDER!!! (The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #11)

We are at Elston Harslo’s mansion, enjoying a very nice dinner. Harslo explains his motive for the dinner—he says that both our groups are interested in finding the Diamond of Alcanse. The other group seems a little put out that he revealed this, and they’re cagey about what they might have learned (I’m guessing not much, since they’ve apparently been dabbling in this search of this one stone for years and haven’t found it

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Dinner Party!!! (The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #10)

We continue our delve! Svela proceeded down the other diagonal corridor and saw a room with ornate carpet, but no apparent monster to fight. She called the rest of the party to come in and spread out to opposite corners to search for an invisible enemy (or the key). As soon as Rolfe stepped inside, he got hit by a dart. Turns out a halfling was hiding in the corner, and he apologies for hitting Rolfe. But Rolfe LOSES IT

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The Key to a Giant’s Heart is Through His Stomach (The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #9)

After defeating the evil Lobster Thing, we proceeded down the opposite hallway to find out what horrors lay in store. And we were not disappointed, because in the big room at the end, we encountered an…undead minotaur? Maybe? The important point to note is that it was large, unfriendly, and carried an axe the size of a wagon wheel.

So we went to work. Svela hurled a fireball bead (ahead of her companions this time). It went explody, but

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Welcome to HP Lovecraft’s Red Lobster Restaurant (The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #8)

We returned to town, and after checking in with Off The Wheaten Path (still open, still not aware we peeked at the painting) and Amhara (still a bit cray-cray), we met up with Ryland to hand over the Black Diamond. He was delighted, and gave us our payment from a mysterious sack. We each got a weapon or item that seemed to fit us pretty well…which is nisssshe.

Then Ryland found two blue gemstones at the bottom of the

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