A Momento for Your Mori

A gentle reminder to the human readers. We are all hurtling towards death. It's inevitable. That fact should not frighten you, but keep it in mind. Today is a great day to do something awesome.

  • Write something
  • Make something
  • Sign up to take a class
  • Call a friend you keep thinking about
  • Stop hating yourself for two minutes

Be awesome before you become just a skull.

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Song of the Squee

I’ve been anticipating the movie Song of the Sea. (Trailer: iTunes, YouTube)

That’s a risky move, I know. Movies are by and large an exercise in disappointment. As one franchise after another manages to crush all originality and quirkiness out of stories in favor of the safe bet, the result is a bland mash of interchangeable characters, plot lines, and Heartwarming Messages that drip out from your brain as soon as you leave the dark theater for the

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Simultaneously Dangerous

Simultaneous submission restrictions may be my least favorite aspect of the traditional writing process. Few steps embody the “submission" bit of writing more than meekly acceding to the arbitrary whims of particular markets.

OMG, did I just say arbitrary whims?

You bet yer sweet bippy I did.

The restrictions against simultaneous subs have little to do with fairness or efficiency and everything to do with the convenience of the market considering a story. By prohibiting simultaneous submissions, the magazine editors

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Happy Halloween

"Day is always over.

Night is always coming."

Happy Halloween, boys and girls.

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Cover Stories

I had occasion to pick my copy of Garth Nix's Lirael off my shelf the other day (the occasion being merely that I like to pick up really good books). My copy is a galley/ARC that has the Leo & Diane Dillon art on the cover. And even though I've read this story eleventy times and looked at the cover way more than that, not until last night did it occur to me that L&DD might have

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A round of thanks

In the midst of a metric crapton of obligations and windmill-tilting exercises, I thought I'd take a few moments to thank some people who were good to me over the past several weeks.

Conrad, for letting us invade your house and eat your food and stuff.

Bonnie, for rides to unfun places like hospitals.

Jason, for being cool when I tossed up that fried clam roll in the car. At least it was a rental!

Aaron, for crossing Downer Ave

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