Best Podcasts for Writers

The previous post covered favorite writing tools. But I forgot one tool: podcasts! So here is the extra special bonus podcast post.

Since I’m mostly alone--all day, every day--I like to listen to other voices. But TV is pure distraction for me. I can’t have it on in the background, and I’ve never been able to think well when looking at multiple screens.

Podcasts are different. The best ones are like listening in on the conversations of

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5 Tools to Ninja up your Writing

I want to share my top five writing tools. Not all of these will work for everyone, but if nothing else, I hope it make you think about your own writing process and how you can improve it (and we can always improve, no matter how good we are).


Byword: I love Byword. It’s a distraction-free writing app, and it really is just that—tons of white space, and very little in the way of features (it only works

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“Yes or Hell, No?” On Writing for Exposure

In an ideal world, all artists would be paid for all their work.

We do not live in an ideal world.

Any writer can tell you how hard it is to get fairly compensated for the work you do. Even a short story can take a long time to do well: maybe a week or two, maybe several months. Once you calculate the hours it takes to get a short story ready to sell (for up to $200-300—if you

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Finding Your Editor

(Warning: This post is pretty long, cause it turns out I have a lot to say.)

In the debate over traditional versus indie publishing, one of the arguments I’ve seen pop up on the “go trad” side is that one doesn’t have to hire an editor. The publisher already has editors on staff, and therefore that part of the job is done. Finding an editor is just too hard.

I’d reply that finding an editor is not

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What Rappers Can Teach Writers

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap Recently, I watched Something from Nothing: the Art of Rap, Ice-T’s first documentary. It’s on—you guessed it—the art of rap, and it brings in some of the biggest and most respected names in the business to talk about how they craft and refine their art. (It’s on Netflix and Amazon and everywhere else, so see it. It’s pretty amazing.)

As I watched, it occurred to me that so many of the insights these artists

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2013: My Year in Writing

(Note: unless you're a pal, or deeply interested in the minutae of my publishing path, this post might bore you a lot. Consider not reading any further...)

Last January, I dubbed 2013 my Year of Getting S#!t Published. Now this year is almost done. How did I do? Well…

Let me complicate things immediately by noting that I write under two names, my own (Jocelyn Koehler), and a pen name for my romances.

For anyone paying attention, romance is

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