The Lost Jewels of Alcanse Session #2: Something’s Fishy

(What's this? I'm chronicling my current D&D group's adventures for posterity).

Ryland told us that he booked us passage on a merchant ship going upriver, owned by Marken Silk. Quigley, however, said he didn’t want to be on a boat, so his brother Zyro would take his place. Hmmm. We loaded up on supplies and smokable herbs (ahem, Bardalph), then boarded the ship and met the captain and crew, who all seemed like dependable dudes. Silk said

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The Lost Jewels of Alcanse

More for me than anyone else, I've decided to post the recaps for the newest D&D adventure I'm participating in. It's a homebrew campaign run by our pal Jacob. I play a half-elf rogue, because I haven't played a rogue in like 20 years, and it seems someone should be good at lockpicks in an adventure titled the Lost Jewels of Alcanse.

Anyway, here's what happened:

Session #1: We clean up real good.

In this inaugural session of

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Leveling Up

Here's a bit of microfiction. Technically Monday microfiction, possibly metaphorical microfiction. There are princesses, because it's me. Enjoy.

And if you want more stories by me (longer ones that don't fit on a photo), you can support me on Patreon

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Wolves for Victory

My March story is up for all my patrons. This one features wolves and a girl in red. No spoilers.

Becoming a patron is easy. $2 a month gets you stories and the satisfaction worthy of all those fancy-schmancy Renaissance rich folks who flung money at arists! See here

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Black as Noir

Valentine's Day...that symbol of commercialism and desperation that leaves single people sad and couples anxious. Gross, right? I say let's spit on the rituals of purchasing overly sweet chocolates and paying for awkwardly-performative dinners out. Forget the already-dying roses.

Let's try something different. I wrote a noir story, because love is low down and dirty. I've got a hardboiled detective, a shifty client, a well-dressed dame, and one hell of a misundertanding. It's modern day, yet retro levels of

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A new year of storytelling

How's your January?

I've been busy.

I've fired up my rusty, rattling Patreon page this month because I've got a lot of stories backing up in the ol' story pipes, and they need to go somewhere.

If you liked my previous writing, I think you'll enjoy this new batch of speculative fiction. There will be science fiction, fantasy, some fairy tales, and a few adventure stories with a strong whiff of roll initiative. I'm aiming to put up a new

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