A Perfect Evening…for MURDER!!! (The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #11)

We are at Elston Harslo’s mansion, enjoying a very nice dinner. Harslo explains his motive for the dinner—he says that both our groups are interested in finding the Diamond of Alcanse. The other group seems a little put out that he revealed this, and they’re cagey about what they might have learned (I’m guessing not much, since they’ve apparently been dabbling in this search of this one stone for years and haven’t found it yet. Anyhoo, things are going well enough until we move to the galley for the dessert cause, and the butler rushes into inform us that the dessert is MURDER!!! Harslo is laying in the kitchen with Rolfe’s ax in his back. Not a good look!

So we find ourselves in a fantasy remake of Clue, and things are tense! Marta accused us of killing Harslo, and Bardalph tries to cast a spell to make everyone tell the truth but he doesn’t catch everyone in the zone. THere’s a lot of bickering and arguing about who killed who (this is supposed to be a friendly occasion!). Eventually, Bardalph goes to fetch the own watch, and the rest of us search the house to see if anyone else might be hiding or if there are more clues.

The town watch comes, and we all get interrogated (nicely, considering). Then we slit up in groups to more thoroughly search the premises to find some information to go on. I sure hope no one is betraying anyone!

What we know:

  • The butler reported the crime to the group in the gallery. Harlso was found in the kitchen with Rolfe’s ax in his back.
  • The following people were out of the gallery and alone for at least a little while before the murder: Fune, Gillam, the butler, and Rolfe…and Harlso, obviously.
  • The cleric and Bardalph cast spells to make everyone tell the truth and everyone said that they didn’t kill Harslo. (But some people might have been able to resist the spell).
  • We’re pretty sure Rolfe’s ax is….shifty.

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