O hai!

I’m Jocelyn Cole. Team Blood is my blog, where I discuss the craft of writing, share stories, and talk about what's what in indie publishing. I also talk about movies, kitties, D&D, and Disney. Consider yourself warned.

My stories usually fall under fantasy or science fiction. Fairy tales, fables, and folktales are a particular interest. Under a super sneaky pen name, I write romance.

Some of my creative fiction has been published in places like Crossed Genres, LUna Station Quarterly, the Toast (RIP), The Future Fire, and (frequently) The Grimm Report. Here is a very long list of where you can find it all.

In 2021, you can find my newest stories on my Patreon page, and on Kindle Vella.

Over the years, I’ve been handed various degrees for pretending to study English, History, Library Science, and Archiving. I’ve also worked as a bookseller, librarian, and editor, which means I know the Lord’s Prayer in Old English, have strong opinions on the Oxford comma, and can pick out a spined-out title at twenty paces. I like cheese sandwiches, basketball, and tea.

A few more items of note:

  • Favorite Great Lake: Michigan
  • Favorite epic poem: Beowulf
  • Strengths: Cold resistance, titanium bone lacing
  • Weaknesses: Sunlight, musicals