“It’s not looting if we donate some of it.” (Storm King’s Thunder #10)

We rested for the night, and in the morning, we swept through the rest of Grudd Haug to find out if there was anything left to kill or loot. In the lower level, we found a lot of sheep and pigs, along with some prisoners locked in cages. It seems very likely that these prisoners were destined to be dinner at some point (based on the fully-roasted halfling we found in the kitchen). So it felt good to free them all. We made sure they had food and water and some loot. There is a farm family from Goldenfields, a half-elf named Galvin Dragonsomething who’s also from there, and a barbarian fighter who we couldn’t communicate with but seemed like he’d be ok on his own. Also, it turns out that when we introduced ourselves as the heroes of Triboar, people got sort of excited. Which is cool.

After looting Guh’s treasure pile thoroughly, we got some more non-magical but possibly valuable random things, and also a very large conch shell with the rune for “storm” inscribed on it. Harshnag said it was a very rare thing used to teleport in some way — but that’s all he knows about it now.

Along with Harshnag, we escorted the folks back to Goldenfields. Galvin said he’ll tell the Abbot about the defeat of Grudd Haug, so that the locals can send some forces to either occupy or destroy the site (and seize all the sheeps and piggies). Goldenfields is very nice, but we pressed on towards Waterdeep. Our plan is to update the Harpers there as to what we’ve been doing lately (we should really get a “Gaints Killed” scoreboard, except it would be insensitive with Harshnag around). Then we’ll use the Secret Harper Portal Network to get back to Mirabar really fast so we can rejoin Harshnag (who’s going by giant-foot) and complete this journey to the Eye of the All-Father.

As if to mock us for making any plans at all, the same day we walked into Waterdeep, a HUGE FLOATING CASTLE zoomed in overhead, freaking everyone out until the city herald told people not to panic. Apparently, the castle is there with the knowledge of the Open Lord of Waterdeep? Sounds potentially dangerous. Redfang did chat with (and bribe) the watch to get the name of the city watch commander, so that he could put on his diplomat hat and perhaps see what this floating castle thing is all about.

In short, we’re in the big city for a few days, with a number of smallish errands to carry out. If we don’t get ourselves killed, we’ll soon be back in Mirabar to continue the larger quest!

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