New In Town (Storm King's Thunder #1)

[Due to Life Things and scheduling difficulties, our D&D group is putting the homebrew Alcanse campaign on hold and starting up the official Storm King’s Thunder adventure for a while. Our characters are the smae, except that Nick whipped up a bladesinger for a change of pace.]

Our group received a tip from Ryland that we might find more information about the last jewel in the town of Triboar across the Sea of Swords. Leaving Quigley & Zyro behind in Alcanse, the group sailed to Neverwinter and met up with an elven traveler who goes by Redfang — we hope his skill with magic will help in the work to come. In the bustling, prosperous, peaceful market town of Triboar, we asked several of the merchants and locals about rumors of the jewel. We heard instead about rumors of giants, which have been reportedly showing up in random cities and towns all through the Savage Frontier. Even Waterdeep was supposedly attacked. Whoa.

Some folks we met include Urgala, the owner of the NorthShield, the nicest/only inn in town. Janel, the owner of the horse ranch. Tim(e), a leather merchant. Dars, the guy who manages the campgrounds. And Lady Shendrell, the lord protector of the town. Still, we didn’t discover much to help us in our own quest. But before we could make any hard decision about when to leave town, someone yelled “Giiiiiiiiaaaaaaaants!”

Sure enough, boulders started to fall from the sky, hitting buildings and causing chaos. We saw soldiers running to the south, where the boulders maybe came from. But then we saw more groups of attackers coming from the Northeast.

Looks like two giants, a number of orcs (some mounted on weird running birds), and these weird fire demon-looking things.

We yelled to Lady Shendrall that our group would head that way to help. We reached the inn, where Urgala was already outside, weapon in hand. A few more people ran and joined our party (Dars, Urgala, someone else? And a young man who came from the provisions store). We made a hasty plan: herd any residents we see into the safety of the inn, and fight any small groups of attackers we see so we can protect the town from getting ravaged/torched.

Swords up!

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