What else can we Ruin?: The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #4

Session #4 Recap:

(What am I doing? Glad you asked! I'm recapping the weekly sessions of our regular D&D group's shenanignans.)

In the Cordin Ruins, we stacked an increasingly large number of bodies in a piles and continued to explore. On a little hill, we found a very-well-sealed sarcophagus covered in clear stones, as well as three pillars with spaces for something to fit into them. Since we discovered a dead cultist with one reddish stone that looked like it might fit, we tried it. Lo, when placed in the north pillar, the sarcophagus started to glow a little! We’re on the right track. We moved north to a new area, finding a temple with a sacrificed human (ew) as well as a green stone (yay). Only one more to go. We searched the rest of the ruins themselves, before admitting that we’d have to go back and examine the bodies more closely. And thus, did Bardalph locate the final stone, which he allowed Zyro to re-find, for Reasons (clerics are weird, man).

We returned to the sarcophagus, placed the colored stones in their correct pillars like a game of medieval Simon Says, and Simon Says the sarcophagus is now open for business! The lid glowed and unlocked, allowing us to lift off the top and find a skeleton within. The skeleton was holding a small leather case, and within that case was a sparkling, shiny blue jewel (lost no more!). It looks really nice, but we don’t know if it’s magical or anything because SOMEONE won’t cast the spell to check ^cough^ Zyro. So. We seem to have done what we need to do. We set the bodies on fire, cause we’re responsible outdoorsy folk, and then hiked back to the river to get picked up. After a quick trip downriver to Alcanse, we got back to our rooms at the Frog & Frigate, to find that Ryland will meet us in the morning for the exchange.

The next morning, Zyro started messing with the jewel and set off some sort of magical lightning bolt that blasted out a whole wall of his room. So I guess it’s magical after all. Downstairs, Ryland was really pleased that we got the jewel and paid us (though honestly, not as much as that jewel is probably worth…). He also gave us the lead to finding the next jewel, with a promise of more payment to come. Our lead lives in a nearby asylum, so this should be interesting…..

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