Begin at the Beginning: The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #1

More for me than anyone else, I've decided to post the recaps for the newest D&D adventure I'm participating in. It's a homebrew campaign run by our pal Jacob. I play a half-elf rogue, because I haven't played a rogue in like 20 years, and it seems someone should be good at lockpicks in an adventure titled the Lost Jewels of Alcanse.

Anyway, here's what happened:

Session #1: We clean up real good.

In this inaugural session of “The Lost Jewels of Alcanse” we meet our band of heroes. The upright (unless he’s drunk) human cleric Bardalph has joined up with Rothe, a rowdy half-elf fighter, who happens to know a few other half-elves, the roguish Svela, and the twin brothers Quigley (good) and Zyro (shifty af). Together, we traveled to the river city of Alcanse to respond to an invitation to “high adventure”.

At the Frog & Frigate, we took in the local atmosphere and the local brews. We learned that the penthouse was already taken by someone mysterious who may or may not be a Thing thart will matter later! We spent more money than we probably should have (Quigley “earned” his back in a card game), and met a lad who told us to go to a jewelry shop called The Ruby’s Gleam the next morning.

So we did! The jewelry shop owner Ryland was real happy to meet us, and asked for help cleaning out his basement. High adventure? More like low adventure, amirite? But we took the offered key and the vague instructions and trooped on down. First room? Not that interesting--just some dusty shelves and storage.

Second room, behind the locked door? Quite interesting, if you think giant floating monsters with eyestalks that beam out Big Scary Energy are “interesting”.

Since the creature didn’t want to talk, we started fighting instead. Bardalph cast a spell that probably would be have super impressive if it worked, but it didn’t. Rolfe whipped a mace at it a bunch, and even hit it a few times…which is more than Zyro did! He hit zero times, I think. Luckily, Svela got a few, er, lucky shots in (as well as good cover behind the doorway. Eventually, we gave that giant floaty gross thing what for!! (Except Rolfe, who went and cried in a corner. Hey, we’ve all been there.)

Then Ryland popped downstairs, acting like he hadn’t just snookered us into an adventuring job interview. But he paid well, with four cool little magic thingies that look like fun (For the record: a necklace of fireballs, a good luck stone, something that heals you up, i think?, and a stone statuette that turns into a owl!)

He also asked if we wanted another job…finding some legendary, magical lost jewels that are maybe in some ruins upriver. Uh, yes, dude. WE ARE SO IN FOR THIS.

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