My Stories

I write things.

I am playing with Kindle Vella to publish a new serialize fiction story. Search for Jocelyn Cole there to find it.

You can download this little morsel for absolutely free. This version has a beautiful illustration by artist Aaron Boyd.

I am one half of Juneau Black, author of charmingly murderous mysteries that have been described as "Fantastic Mr Fox meets Twin Peaks". The first three books have been aquired by Vintage, and will be published in 2022.

  • Shady Hollow
  • Cold Clay
  • Mirror Lake

Under my own name, I've had short speculative ficton stories published in various places:

These all appeared in The Grimm Report, a satrical fairytale news site. I had a ton of fun writing these, but alas, there are no links, for the site perished.

  • End of the Road for Inventor? Daedalus Held for Suspicious Death, January 2015
  • Bremen’s Battle of the Bands Goes to the Dogs, December 2014
  • A Present for the Ghost of Christmas Present, December 2014
  • Rapunzel Imprisoned in Ivory Tower Following Academic Dispute, November 2014
  • Orphan’s Outlandish Request Leads to Ouster, August 2014
  • Annual Archery Contest Attracting Big Names, July 2014
  • Slow Week for Solomon Grundy, June 2014
  • No Joy in Mudville as Star Caught in Controversy, May 2014
  • Little Man Offers New Lead in Search for Bitcoin Inventor, April 2014
  • Cinderella's Signature Move Stolen at the Big Dance?, March Madness 2014
  • Neighborhood Association Wants to Silence Sirens, February 2014
  • Suburban Mouse Visits Another Suburban Mouse, January 2014
  • Krampus Switching to Clean Coal, December 2013
  • Occupy Christmas, December 2013
  • Golem Shows the True Meaning of Christmas, December 2013
  • Wonderland Deploys Task Force to Address Rabbit Holes, November 2013
  • Newest Apple Event, November 2013
  • Marchenstrasse Pets, October 2013
  • Coach Class, October 2013