It’s pronounced Flumph. (The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #7)

We continue to be puzzled by this doorway+mirror figures conundrum, but eventually Bardalph gets the notion that maaaaaaybe we can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, as my old non-adventuring granny (and def not the elven one) used to say. So Bardalph flipped the script and invited his mirror image into OUR side, and for whatever reason, that actually worked! The “room” beyond the doorway disappeared, but the glowing circle now sports a jaunty arrow pointing southwest

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The Alcanse Escape Room Experience!: The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #6

Guided by the instructions we, er, found behind the bakery portrait, we journeyed out of town 40 miles, and then cross country 30 miles, and found the ruins of an old manor house. It was mostly empty, but in the coachhouse we found a sort of hallway thing with four doorways facing cardinal directions. Svela cleared away the debris to uncover a very faint circle pattern. Hmm! We waited until nightfall, and in the moonlight, the doorways began to get

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The Great Black Diamond Baking Show: The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #5

Pleased to report that the asylum (aka Alcanse House of Wayward Souls) is not haunted! Indeed, it seems pretty well run, and the lady in charge (Marnie?) was happy to let us take our “wizard” friend Amarha Belton out for a walk. Amarha, it must be noted, is batshit crazy. He looks like he’s n his 20’s, talks like he’s in his 120’s, and is pretty convinced that he’s really good at magic. However, he

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What else can we Ruin?: The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #4

Session #4 Recap:

(What am I doing? Glad you asked! I'm recapping the weekly sessions of our regular D&D group's shenanignans.)

In the Cordin Ruins, we stacked an increasingly large number of bodies in a piles and continued to explore. On a little hill, we found a very-well-sealed sarcophagus covered in clear stones, as well as three pillars with spaces for something to fit into them. Since we discovered a dead cultist with one reddish stone that looked

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Gnolls, We Hardly Gknew Ye: Lost Jewels of Alcanse #3

Or, Session 3 Recap: The Lost Jewels of Alcanse

Our merry band of adventurers was eager to get to the ruins, so we hotfooted it down the long path to the east. The first day was uneventful, the first night was barely eventful (in the sense that Bardalph saw some creatures in the shadowy distance, but didn’t feel the need to tell anyone else about it). On the second day, the surroundings got more forest-y and dense, and so

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Something’s Fishy: The Lost Jewels of Alcanse #2

(What's this? I'm chronicling my current D&D group's adventures for posterity).

Ryland told us that he booked us passage on a merchant ship going upriver, owned by Marken Silk. Quigley, however, said he didn’t want to be on a boat, so his brother Zyro would take his place. Hmmm. We loaded up on supplies and smokable herbs (ahem, Bardalph), then boarded the ship and met the captain and crew, who all seemed like dependable dudes. Silk said

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