Fierce Storm: Stories for the Resistance

After a long hiatus, I started thinking about short ficton again. Here's a thing I wrote while I was watching the world slowly crumble some night recently. I don't even remember the specific outrage...there are so many to choose from lately. Anyway, microficion for you.

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Interview with Djibril al-Ayad of The Future Fire

The Future Fire, a magazine of speculative fiction, is celebrating ten years of publishing! Take a moment to tremble in awe, won’t you? It’s hard out there for any small publisher, but TFF carved out a niche by embracing social and political themes in the stories they publish. Read on to learn from editor Djibril al-Ayad how the magazine operates, what TFF is looking for in terms of new content, and what future fires will be sparked.


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The Fable of the Month Club

Hey, friends. I’ve been working on an idea for quite a while. I’m calling it the Fable of the Month Club, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Once a month for a year, supporters will get to read a brand new fable-style story written by me. It’s not going to be free or publicly available. I’m using the Patreon site, which has a pay wall, so only those who’ve pledged to

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A Momento for Your Mori

A gentle reminder to the human readers. We are all hurtling towards death. It's inevitable. That fact should not frighten you, but keep it in mind. Today is a great day to do something awesome.

  • Write something
  • Make something
  • Sign up to take a class
  • Call a friend you keep thinking about
  • Stop hating yourself for two minutes

Be awesome before you become just a skull.

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Song of the Squee

I’ve been anticipating the movie Song of the Sea. (Trailer: iTunes, YouTube)

That’s a risky move, I know. Movies are by and large an exercise in disappointment. As one franchise after another manages to crush all originality and quirkiness out of stories in favor of the safe bet, the result is a bland mash of interchangeable characters, plot lines, and Heartwarming Messages that drip out from your brain as soon as you leave the dark theater for the

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Happy Halloween

"Day is always over.

Night is always coming."

Happy Halloween, boys and girls.

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