Cover Stories

I had occasion to pick my copy of Garth Nix's Lirael off my shelf the other day (the occasion being merely that I like to pick up really good books). My copy is a galley/ARC that has the Leo & Diane Dillon art on the cover. And even though I've read this story eleventy times and looked at the cover way more than that, not until last night did it occur to me that L&DD might have

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Jobs No One Can Prove I Don't Have

Presented in order of descending plausibility:

  • Futurist

  • Retrofuturist

  • Thought Leader

  • Selenographer

  • Consulting Anarchist

  • Author

  • Systems Analyst

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Microfiction: Rose

“Are we still buds?” Rose asked, and then burst into bloom. “Oh, I guess not.”

She blushed pink, now worried about being the last one picked.

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Internal Dialogue

Me: Sigh

Still Me: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Ennui.

Still Me: Too bad. Why don’t you accomplish something and then you won’t feel so ennui-y.

Me: I can’t. The ennui disrupts my creative process.

Still Me: Does it disrupt your this-isn’t-really-creative-but-still-has-to-get-done process? Cause you got stuff to do.

Me: Yeah. Sadly.

Still Me: What’s your problem? You just finished proofreads for the novella, and it’ll be published next week. You just sold

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Dandelion Wine

I am re-reading Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. It is about summer, and life, and death. Therefore, summer is the time to read it. The fireflies aren't quite out yet (firefly season is the ideal ideal time to read it), but I am going slowly, to make it last. Sometimes I read passages out loud to my cat, who has a tin ear for prose...though a great ear for mice.

All this is to say, I am reading Dandelion Wine

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Storium Worlds – Diremoon

If you're into gaming, or cool ideas, or just like to watch successful Kickstarter campaigns, you may have seen Storium.

Storium is a new game that truly brings storytelling to the forefront of gaming. The mechanics are tight and the possibilites endless. What else can you ask for?

How about a world?

I'm super excited to have the chance to add to the Storium worldbuilding juggernaut. Nick and I are going to bring the world of Diremoon to Storium. And

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