A Present for the Ghost of Christmas Present

Sharp eyed citizens (or those haunted by seven-years'-dead business partners) might catch a special holiday sight today at the local mall. The Ghost of Christmas Present is back!

Yes, the massive, jolly, be-robed spirit is walking amongst the populace, strolling in and out of the cheerfully decorated stores, from the Williams-Sonoma to the Eddie Bauer, from one anchor department store to the other. Less noticeable are his two companions, an emaciated young boy and girl who even the cheeriest shoppers

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Microfiction: Krampus Switching to Clean Coal

In a press conference this week, Krampus, the shadowy companion to St. Nicholas, announced that beginning in the 2017 holiday season, clean coal is now standard in all gift giving to bad children, and that this will continue indefinitely.

“It’s the children who were naughty, not the planet,” the dark lord of yuletide said in his prepared remarks. “I am deeply concerned about the health of the Earth. Though I may endure for millennia in the hidden fears of

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